• 3137 Mercury Drive
  • Columbus, GA, 31906
  • United States

With all the contributions over the past years, we have raised over $350,000 for this worthy and often overlooked cause. We strive to gain as much knowledge of the needs in our community so we can make the most impact with the funds we have raised. With new technology evolving we have donated a Giraffe Omni Bed to Children’s Miracle Network that helps prevent blindness in premature babies. Having many causes of blindness, prevention is not always possible so we have also focused on education, and recreational enhancements for the visually impaired. Each year we meet with the grade school teachers who work with the visually impaired students and purchase the equipment needed to help make each year more successful for these students. We have discovered one of the most difficult transitions for the visually impaired is from grade school to college. By donating over $100,000 to Columbus State and CVCC over the past several years, we have been able to provide scholarships for the visually impaired as well as enhance the technology available at the college level. Recreationally, we have supported two popular sports of the visually impaired, golf and beep ball.

Registration:  https://runsignup.com/Race/GA/Columbus/MidnightExpress5K